Surgical Procedures

The mission of Drs. Johnson, Moulthrop and Jacob is to improve people’s lives by aesthetically enhancing their appearance. Their meticulous and artistic approach is based on years of experience. The first and foremost goal is to achieve a result that appears as natural as possible. It is far better for prospective patients to remain as they are than to undergo surgical procedures that leave them with an unnatural or “operated on” appearance. The best cosmetic surgery does not draw attention to itself and does not say to the observer “something is not right here.”

When referring patients to us, one colleague in our community often tells patients, “You pay as much for what he doesn’t do as for what he does do.” This succinctly captures the philosophy of Drs. Johnson, Moulthrop and Jacob.

Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty/Eyelid Surgery

Removes the excess skin and fat that accumulate around the eyes creating a tired, aged appearance. Revitalizes and opens the eyes which are the focal point of the face.


Repositions the facial and neck tissues to their natural, youthful place. Greatly improves jowling and excess hanging skin in the neck to restore the definition of the jawline and neck. We pride ourselves on never creating a pulled or unnatural look.

Brow Lift or Forehead Lift

Repositions a low brow to its youthful location, opening the eyes and restoring an aesthetically pleasing brow line. Also addresses frown lines and horizontal wrinkles in the forehead. Brightens your appearance and makes you look friendlier and more approachable.


Remove a hump, thin a widened bridge, straighten a deviated nose, define a bulbous or hanging tip. Rhinoplasty is one of the most complicated surgical procedures performed. We possess the advanced understanding and technical skills required to reliably improve the appearance of your nose. We also specialize in revision rhinoplasty.


Correction of both inherited or traumatic ear deformities such as prominence, malformation, and malposition can be achieved using various surgical techniques. We employ these techniques to provide symmetry and facial balance to achieve a natural look.

Chin Implants

Achieving natural results requires balance to the face. Chin implants are used to provide that balance by providing a stronger jawline that can in turn improve the neckline and/or help decrease emphasis on a prominent nose. Often chin implants are used in conjunction with rhinoplasty.

Mohs ReconstructionMohs Reconstruction

Repairs facial defects that result from the removal of skin cancers. This can involve simple closure of the wound or, in more complicated cases, may require the transfer of adjacent tissue. Our goal is to minimize any change and restore your appearance using techniques that maintain the same aesthetic approach that we use for our cosmetic patients.

Scar Revision

We can assess facial scars from previous trauma or surgery and help determine if they can be improved. We employ both non-surgical and surgical techniques such as skin care, laser treatments, and revision surgery.

Neck Liposuction

Fullness under the chin and in the neck can result from fat under the skin becoming more pronounced or protruding from weakened muscles. Liposuction can be effective in sculpting the neck and jawline to restore a more youthful appearance and decrease the double chin.